Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Poppies.....Poppies...Poppies will put them to sleep!"

 Went out hiking to Garland Ranch this last weekend.  A few shots..the wild flowers are in full bloom.
Greysen doing his best Toto impersonation
Happy Dogs in the Lupin

Izze in The Pastures of Heaven
Sorry not much blogging...lots going on.  Upheaval and changes in my life.  Trying to find a new normal and awaiting to hear what additional changes are in my future.  Just putting it out to the universe..I need certain employment that comes with financial stability and a comfortable place to live.  If anyone wants to send prayers or good energy my way I would appreciate it.  I will eventually share..in the meantime beach walks and time with the dogs is healing.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Whoa 2013 Already!

Well January 2013 is almost gone.  Where has the time gone?

Honestly end of November our house was broken into and both my cameras (my new dslr and my little point & shoot) were among the items taken.  And I just have not felt much like posting.  Santa (aka my Mom) did get me a new camera for Christmas (high end point and shoot).  Thanks Mom <3

Last weekend Izze made her open debut at the Mission Trail cluster.  No Q's but I went in with no expectations.  Retrieves were horrible..but not anything that I had not seen in training.  What was surprising was the Down on Recall she did not down.  And her heeling was a hot mess.  Things to work on.  She did beautiful broad jumps and group exercises.  So we did have some good take aways.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Our annual Christmas sojourn to the beach took place on Sunday.  As you can see it was windy and rainy...but we love the beach.  Even a bad beach day is a good one!  Merry Christmas to all!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pirates Ye Be Warned

So on Sunday Thing 2 and I went sailing on The Lady Washington a 2 masted Brig who was featured in The Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl as the HMS Interceptor,  What an AMAZING experience!!  A 3 hour tour and you are more than welcome to help the crew sweat the lines and rig the sails.  The ship is based out of Aberdeen WA and sails up and down the west coast doing hands on educational programs.  Crewed mostly by volunteers...Thing 2 thinks he might want to give their program a try.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rain & Cold Make Greysen a Sad Boy........but he Q'd

San Luis Obispo Kennel Club @ Paso Robles.  Cold, wet and rainy...and I had my "princess" with me who just does not like the wet.  Anyways as you can see he was reluctant to sit and get his toushie wet.  But he did the moving down the first time I asked!  Good Boy!  We qualified with an 88 (I am sure that Finish Left Forward was a minus 10 & the rest of the points were probably due to tight leads).

Actually there was another Cairn at the show doing Utility.  His name is Thomas and was really cute.  Looked like Greysen but taller with an Izze attitude.  They must show to the south 'cause we have not run into him and his person before.  Now I know to keep my eyes open for them and hope we run into them again.

Greysen actually already has his Rally Novice title....but I entered the show to support my students.  Yes you heard right students.  I have been teaching an Intro to Rally class and we just finished up.  I had a few of my students enter this show...so I entered to support them.  The class went well and we might do another one in the spring.  Maybe a  Beyond Rally Novice ....we'll see what the club has to say.  But we had a good time and the class filled up right away as soon as it was announced.

We had a great time and I might have purchased a new leash......just what I need I know....I was looking at one...but it had a huge clip on it...so I got to order one and they made it for me...My friend picked it up for me on Sunday and she will give to me next week.  I think I may have to wrap it up and open it for Christmas.

Anyway...it was a busy weekend....more later about what I did on Sunday.....