Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Poppies.....Poppies...Poppies will put them to sleep!"

 Went out hiking to Garland Ranch this last weekend.  A few shots..the wild flowers are in full bloom.
Greysen doing his best Toto impersonation
Happy Dogs in the Lupin

Izze in The Pastures of Heaven
Sorry not much blogging...lots going on.  Upheaval and changes in my life.  Trying to find a new normal and awaiting to hear what additional changes are in my future.  Just putting it out to the universe..I need certain employment that comes with financial stability and a comfortable place to live.  If anyone wants to send prayers or good energy my way I would appreciate it.  I will eventually share..in the meantime beach walks and time with the dogs is healing.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Whoa 2013 Already!

Well January 2013 is almost gone.  Where has the time gone?

Honestly end of November our house was broken into and both my cameras (my new dslr and my little point & shoot) were among the items taken.  And I just have not felt much like posting.  Santa (aka my Mom) did get me a new camera for Christmas (high end point and shoot).  Thanks Mom <3

Last weekend Izze made her open debut at the Mission Trail cluster.  No Q's but I went in with no expectations.  Retrieves were horrible..but not anything that I had not seen in training.  What was surprising was the Down on Recall she did not down.  And her heeling was a hot mess.  Things to work on.  She did beautiful broad jumps and group exercises.  So we did have some good take aways.