Sunday, August 12, 2012

War Horse

Thing 2 & I went up to The City to see War Horse at the Curran.  AMAZING!  The staging and the horse puppets were breath taking.  Well acted!  Story a bit simple ...but it did not need to be complicated  Ending was well pat; but, this is a show based upon a child's picture book that depicts the horrors of war and such an ending is fitting.  I can totally see why it won a Tony Award.

Meet me under the Clock at the St. Francis

Union Square

Cable Car

Golden Gate


We also visited the Walt Disney Family History Museum.  Very lovely museum that provides some insight into Disney's background and personal life.  We did not plan nearly enough time here.  So will be back.  Photos only allowed in the lobby unfortunately none of the scale model of Disneyland.

Mary Blair inspired it!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


DTCSV & MBDTC 2012 Obedience Trials were last weekend.  Stewarded both days!  Right now there are only four AKC Obedience Reps in the U.S. and we had THREE of them at our a retired Rep!   As my friend remarked,  "Where was the 4th rep?  We might need a doctors note."

Anyways the trials were a great success and received many compliments from our competitors, judges and reps.  Here are a few images I was able to capture from the weekend.....

Payton at 12.  She has to giver her opinion before going over the jump.

Sherlock a field line Springer Spaniel.  Very handsome boy!

Missy looks good here...but don't let that fool you....she was  silly girl.

Remington was a Naughty Little Dog too!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The answer to the question of Life, the Universe & Everything

My Douglas Adams Birthday was a few days did  I spend it?   Why at the beach with Thing 2 & the Cairns.

So long & thanks for all the fish!