Saturday, August 11, 2012


DTCSV & MBDTC 2012 Obedience Trials were last weekend.  Stewarded both days!  Right now there are only four AKC Obedience Reps in the U.S. and we had THREE of them at our a retired Rep!   As my friend remarked,  "Where was the 4th rep?  We might need a doctors note."

Anyways the trials were a great success and received many compliments from our competitors, judges and reps.  Here are a few images I was able to capture from the weekend.....

Payton at 12.  She has to giver her opinion before going over the jump.

Sherlock a field line Springer Spaniel.  Very handsome boy!

Missy looks good here...but don't let that fool you....she was  silly girl.

Remington was a Naughty Little Dog too!

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