Saturday, September 29, 2012

They grow up.....

Earlier this month I took a week & helped Thing 1 move into her on campus studio at Portland State University.  Beautiful campus in downtown Portland not far from the Pearl District.  Her studio is in a building built in the '20's.  Cute space.  Only students aged 20+ live there and no roommates.  Not sure if right choice (new to the school this year).  But after living at the Wesley house with 15 other roommates for the last 3 years, I can understand the desire for privacy.

I5 Bridge Portland to Vancouver.  We are on the Vancouver side
 Also got to visit with Sister#4 kinda.  She was working long and odd hours & I was running between Portland & Vancouver.  So did not spend much time with her, except for an early dinner after Thing 1 got moved in (Thank you Auntie #4 for letting Thing 1 live with you this summer!).  We did have an early dinner one day on the river.  .

Sail boat on the Columbia

Lastly got the shot of all the dogs together.  The Cairns kept me good company while travelling.  Even if Izze did keep me awake OCD'ing over bunnies at the rest stop when I was trying to sleep.  They were happy as always to see their girl & play with their cousins.  I did manage to see Greysens other Mom...but Greysen did not get to come with us as we had spent the day in Portland.  It was a hot day and our activities were not dog friendly.  When we got home that night Greysen was literally huffing my jeans for at least 10 minutes and then ran about the house looking for his buddies.  Next time!

One short of a six pack

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