Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cairns go Psycho!!!! Hitchcock style!

Old McCray Sunshine  Villa
On Saturday we went to Sunshine Villa with MBDTC to give a training demo to the residents.  Sunshine Villa is a retirement home.....but originally belonged to the Kittredge Family and then latter became the McCray Hotel...which stood abandoned and derelict for many years.  Used as a drug house and rumored to have been used by Satanists for their supposedly was an inspiration for the Bates Family home in the movie Psycho.  Can't say if this is true..but it sure looks the part.  Also Hitchcock's family had a home in nearby Scots Valley and he lived in it is possible he saw the house.  In the 1980's it was restored to a B&B and the proprietors son says he saw ghosts there.  The staff at the retirement home also say they have experienced  unexplained phenomena and cold spots.  No ghosties for us though!  Just a fun demo!

Very much alive Sunshine Villa residents!

Psycho Cairns on the "Bates" front porch

Mrs. Bates is that you?

Just a bit of trivia....Alfred Hitchcock was a terrier man himself.  Although his favored breed was the Sealyham Terrier.  Guess he couldn't get them all right.   You can see Hitchcock's Sealyhams in his cameo in "The Birds", which was also inspired by an event that occurred in Santa Cruz.  

PS Maybe we did see a Ghost.  My friend thinks she see's a women looking out at the Cairns on the porch....Hmmm  Creepy!

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