Sunday, July 8, 2012

Busy Weekend...No Photographic Evidence.......

Kinda.....There is this crappy cell phone video.....


Breakfast @ T&A cafe.....Okay...very is a truck stop.  I want to go back for lunch as they supposedly have GREAT burgers & on Fridays gourmet pizza.  Then to Spreckles park for dog training...or so I thought.  The Cairns stayed in the van the entire time & I ended up "judging" Beginner Novice run throughs for about 18 dogs at an impromptu workshop organized by a friend I train with .  Too busy to take pictures....

Then off to the beach.....No pictures here I allowed Izze to go.  Izze is a GREAT dog and is very good...but high prey drive and her brain falls out.  It has been about 9 months since I had taken her out as the last two times she has made "suicide" attempts chasing birds too far out into the surf.  Today she was a VERY GOOD dog and no brushes with death.  Although she now wants to take up surfing :+)   Greysen acted like a real dog and found a kelp bulb to carry and retrieve.  Good boy as always.  After beach bath & then home.  Fun day but no pictures...too busy keeping an eye on Izze.


Met up with my friend and her Irish Setter and spent the day at the 45th Annual Monterey Highland Games & Scottish Festival.  Only Greyesen Izze loves the pipes too much and barksherfoolheadoff!  These games are always nice and it was great to be back at the fairgrounds...I felt it was a bit larger then last year..but some normal vendors were not there (new weekend) although not as large as back in the 80's & 90's.   Greysen was a good boy and was extra charming.  He was enjoying the all attention he was getting. He is a cute dog. We got called a Scottie Dog alot & of course the every popular Toto dog.  But being a games many folks knew he was a Cairn.  Met some Glenn of Imaals...very charming...I knew they were big dogs..but these guys were HUGE.  Ended the day watch drum major competition & after that the tiny mass band.  No pictures today as ran out of house and forgot the camera.  Fail!!! So many lost photo ops this weekend.

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