Sunday, July 22, 2012

Horse Parade

 My favorite thing about growing up in Salinas was the Horse Parade.  As a horse crazy girl...this was always looked forward too!  It's been a few years since I've been to Thing 2 and I headed out to watch the parade.
Marine Color Guard
Miss California Rodeo 2012
Monterey County Sheriff's Posse
Caisson was pulled by a six horse hitch 
Her dress was gorgeous!
Vaquero!  It is Fiesta day at the Rodeo
Never have a horse parade without the street sweepers!

We had a great time and saw some beautiful horses and some great groups.  Sunday  is Fiesta Day at the lots of Vaqueros.  Now on a sad note...I did notice at least one maybe two Andalusian who had raw looking hocks that seem to point to weighted chains used to create the exaggerated motion in their movement.  Wish the Rodeo committee would have a vet inspection & excuse anyone whose horse showed evidence of this type of abuse.

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